Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why You Should Book Your Cruise With a Travel Agent

In our do-it-yourself Internet world, it's easy to think travel agents may as well go the way of gas station attendants and milkmen. However, they have access to information and bargains that most travelers can't get on their own. Here are three reasons why you should get over the do-it-yourself mindset and go directly to a professional the next time you want to book a cruise vacation.

1) Access to the best deals.

It's a common misconception that the only way to get a great deal on a cruise vacation is to book directly with the cruise line. Before booking directly with your cruise line of choice, get in touch with a travel agent. Often, they have access to unpublished deals and upgrades you can't get on your own.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Travel Agent Jobs - Dealing With Itineraries

One of the key skills needed in travel agent jobs is the ability to put together an itinerary for prospective clients. Many customers booking travel arrangements, whether it's for a business trip or for a family holiday, often don't have the time for extensive research and price comparison checks, or have the specialist resources that agents do. The ability to put together a well-thought-out inventory is an absolute necessity to achieve success in travel agent jobs. So what are people looking for in a travel itinerary? Obviously, it depends on their personal requirements and the purpose of the travel, but there are a few general guidelines which apply to building successful itineraries.

A Person Versus A Website

The main advantage the agents have over online booking is the ability to offer a personalised itinerary, but there are also other options that those working in travel agent jobs should be aware of. Agencies need to build good working relationships with service providers such as cruise lines, because with this comes access to unpublicised deals and upgrades. These unpublished promotions can range from price discounts to free or cheaper upgrades. A good agent will also need to know about such categories as senior, military, or location-based discounts that might not be easy to find online.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Agents Make Your Job Very Easy And Simple

Planning a holiday involves several factors. First of all an itinerary has to be made, tickets have to be bought and reservation had to be done for accommodation. Tackling all this on one's own can be quite difficult. It is to ease this difficulty and help you plan your perfect vacation that the travel agent is there. Before you choose the travel agent, look around and then settle on the one whom you feel comfortable with and can trust with the logistics.

There are some advantages you can get from a travel agent that you wouldn't be able to, if you were to plan your holiday on your own. Since travel agents constantly interact with other companies involved in the whole tourism and travel industry, they can often get you good deals and discounts on cheap flights, hotel bookings etc., and can even help you to reserve ahead in any restaurant or theme park that you intend to go to during your holiday.

There are several ways to search for your travel agent. Do your homework properly. You can consult family and friends who have earlier used travel agents. Or you can research on the Internet, which is a veritable source of information. It is important to choose an agent who makes the effort to learn about your particular needs, likes and dislikes. He should look towards fostering a relationship with you so that you continue to use his services in the future too.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Did Online Marketing Kill the Travel Agent?

The world is going digital and so is the travel industry. Travelers and holiday makers are becoming more confident with researching and booking their trips and accommodation online. Do traditional travel agents still provide any value, when the travel bug comes creeping up on you?

Are travellers are turning their backs on conventional agencies?

The Cape Argus, a South African Newspaper, recently published an article on tourism without travel agents. In this article lodge owners and safari operators describe the benefits of exposing their business online. An owner of a boutique hotel in Cape Town now gets 90% of her business through her website. According to this article the future of conventional travel agents is looking bleak.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Luxury Caribbean Holidays From Rock Bottom Travel Agents

When it's holiday season, it's time to show you're worth it with a decadent luxury holiday escape. Nothing but the best will do, and now, Caribbean luxury holidays are cut down to meet and exceed most budgets. Low on price, yet high on quality, the all inclusive Caribbean getaway package is your ticket to paradise at a price you can afford.

Island escapes are ideal for romantic interludes, family travel and rank high on the action scale for the solo adventurer. All inclusive rates are here to stay by popular demand to give the travel consumer more buying power and peace of mind with money well spent. The days are gone for booking your own arrangements one by one and shelling out a fortune to work it all together. The all inclusive Caribbean plan takes care of everything and is guaranteed to cut you the best deal.